Pussification. Sad.


Most people out there would agree that Burpees do, in fact, suck!  I am one that doesn’t really mind them, but that’s probably due to how close I am to the floor as it is – I don’t really have to do all that much work.  In any case, I would be hard-pressed to find anyone that would truly consider the Burpee “Corporal Punishment”.

Well, sad to say that this has been the verdict of the Police Union.  In fact, the original grievance was filed by SWAT team members!!!  Those that are supposedly the elite when it comes to civilian service can’t handle doing some f*cking burpees?!

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This is just one more sad example of the deterioration of toughness in the world today.  This is not to say everyone subscribes to the EASY WAY, but it is an epidemic that continues to present itself in many ways.

Let’s just do this:  Let’s just agree that WE will not be infected with this weakness of mind and body.  We will continue to strive for the strongest form of ourselves.  We will continue to…