A Whole Lotta Givin'

Monday, December 2nd marked the first official day of operations at Travis County Strength.  It's been a whirlwind of building, creating, lifting, organizing, and more lifting...and it's been absolutely outstanding! But, before the first group of athletes entered the space that Monday morning, we had been running donation-based workouts for the week prior.

The Thanksgiving Day crew.  Just one of many groups of athletes that came and gave.

The Thanksgiving Day crew.  Just one of many groups of athletes that came and gave.

To be honest, we didn't expect too much - with it being a brand new spot and the timing of Thanksgiving also falling on that same week.  In fact, in preparation for the week we had printed out 60 waivers - thinking that that would cover us for the donation week.  To our surprise (and delight) we burned through those 60 waivers in a day and one morning!  Hahaha! YES!

When the dust settled and the damage was done, the newly-formed TCS community banded together to raise a staggering amount of money!


Now, when we were promoting this week of donation-based workouts, we made it very clear that the proceeds would be split between the start-up costs of Travis County Strength and a charity near and dear to Jen's heart - Autism Speaks.  That being the case, Autism Speaks will be receiving a very generous $1188.34 from the TCS community.  As for the other $2376.66, that money will be used entirely for the purchase of more equipment so that our athletes have access to all the best forms and methods of torture.....I mean....training.  Yeah, training.

I know that I speak for all of us here at Travis County Strength when I say, Thank You!  Your willingness to give us, your coaches, your best effort day in and day out is by itself incredible.  But to then also be so generous with your money has left us feeling incredibly grateful.  So, again, Thank You!

You will soon see some new, shiny, HEAVY toys to play with.  Just remember that you had a hand in the building and creation of this place.