The Strongest You


As operations at Travis County Strength take off, I wanted to quickly share some ideas that can help all TCS athletes as they continue to progress....

1.Even an off training day is still a step in the direction of the strongest you.

2.The only bad training days are the days that you let your ego override your body's message and your mind's sense.  Rest is NOT for the weak!

3.Getting strong is HARD WORK...why make it harder by mindf*cking yourself.  Don't shit the bed - just lift weight.

4.Every day you step foot in the gym is a new and different day.  There are millions of daily-life variables that make this true - and ultimately, they don't matter one bit. Accept it, then move on.

5.Don't do shit that doesn't feel right to you.  Listen to your body.

6. Don't neglect the things that you don't like.  Tell that weak voice in your head to f*ck off!

7. Training for the strongest you means developing ALL of YOU - body, mind, spirit.

8. The iron will teach you lessons of life.  Listen. Apply. Be grateful.