Friday Night SWOD - SIGNUP!

Alright!  The time has come!

We are throwing down another Friday Night SWOD (the TCS Edition) Friday, the 10th of January.

The underground strength/strongman-inspired competition is open to all, but is only taking 15 men and 15 women so you'll need to act FAST if you wanna play.

Athletes will have the option to compete as an "Rx'd Athlete" or a "Scaled Athlete".  This is simply a matter of loading, NOT skill.  It's important that you understand - Everyone can play!  It should also be noted that only "Rx'd" athletes will be in the running for the CA$H prize for 1st place male and female.

The night will be comprised of 3 Fast'N'Nasty workouts that will bias towards strength and the ability to handle odd objects and tasks.  To put it simply: This will be about WORK.  But, it will be fun...

Lastly, all spectators are welcome!

Here are your SIGNUP links: