Introducing RuckFit


Some of you may heard recently that I....yes, me - "Mr. Cardio" did a Go Ruck Challenge a couple weekends ago.  If you know what Go Ruck is all about, I know you're very impressed, given my admittedly neglected oxidative/aerobic system.  If you haven't heard of Go probably have some questions.

I would first encourage you to follow this Go Ruck Challenge link to watch the video and discover what it's all about. 


As for my experience, I will briefly say that the GR Challenge is an outstanding way to test yourself.  It's not about moving the fastest, lifting the most, or any of the traditional attributes fitness-minded individuals seek.  It's a grind.  It's a mental and physical grind that tests your will - your mental toughness - more than your physical strength or ability to perform cardio-based work.  It also demands that you let go of selfishness and rather focus on the man or women to the right and left.  It's also about team.  Talk about value....

If you know anything about me or the way I coach my athletes, you know that I value a strong mind more than a strong body.  Both can be built and strengthened, but when it's all said and done - The mind dictates the body.

This is exactly why I decided to do this GR Challenge with my friend and fellow coach, Nick Mounce.  It was a way to test ourselves in a new way.  And I gotta say, I loved every second of that grind - both the training leading up to the Challenge and the Challenge itself.

Our participation in this Challenge was also a fact-finding mission.  We wanted to see, first-hand, what this was all about before we unveiled RuckFit!


Coach Nick Mounce, a former Marine and former Firefighter, knows what it is to train hard for a job - a mission.  He's obviously had a unique perspective that will prove extremely valuable to you as your prepare for your very own Go Ruck Challenge.

Coach Nick is very excited to kickstart this Go Ruck training program and has put together a brief description of what the RuckFit is all about....

A 12 week course focused on getting athletes ready to tackle a Go Ruck challenge. Two class times will be offered on Saturday morning. Athletes can choose to attend the 630am or 10am class. Classes will last between 1.5 and 2 hours. The focus will be on strength-based endurance training. Special attention will be paid to nutrition, mobility and recovery work.  Athletes will need to have a ruck or backpack capable of carrying 35-45 pounds.

The class fee of $450 includes the registration fee($90) for the challenge held in Austin on April 11th. Also included is an exclusive class t-shirt and custom patch that will be designed by and produced for the athletes that take on this challenge.

**$450 minus $90 Registration = $360
That's $30 per 2hr. class!
Not too bad for A LOT of Rucking Fitness!**

Class size is limited to the first 6 people that sign up. No time to sit on the fence. Act quickly or miss this opportunity to challenge and apply your fitness.  If you're looking for a Challenge to kick start 2014 we have got you covered -- RuckFit class 1A.

• Registration for the April 11 Go Ruck Challenge in Austin ($90 value) is included

• 12 training sessions focused on increasing athletes endurance through strength work

• Special attention paid to Mobility and Recovery

• Nutrition for pre, post and during the challenge

• Gear/Equipment reviews and recommendations

• Proper loading of Ruck for efficient carry

• Class-specific t-shirt

• Custom class patch

• You never forget your first Ruck
(challenge that is)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or 512-560-7053
If you're ready to take on the Challenge

** SIGN UP **