Complex Of the Week #3

It's been kind of a crazy week of "road blocks" popping up randomly and preventing me from planting my ass in front of the computer to knock out some posts. However, you can rest assured that your weekly delivery of COW (Complex Of the Week) is hot'n'ready!

This week's complex has a completely different look and feel to it. Nevertheless, it's a complex that is to be done without setting the bar down or re-racking it. In other words, this must be done UNBROKEN!


  • Complete 20 Unbroken Back Squats @ approximately 65% of 1RM
    • A mandatory 3 breaths must be taken between each of the 20 reps.

Now, before you jump up out of your chair to knock this one out, here are a couple things to think about:

If you haven't been squatting consistently - or If you can't accurately perform a high-quality squat(technically sound + full ROM) - this COW may demand that you perform your 20 at a lower percentage. That's fine. The overarching purpose of this stuff is to make you stronger - one workout at a time. It is NOT provided to you so that you can go overboard and fuck yourself up. Be smart. Work Hard. Go!