Complex Of the Week #4

It's been a while since we've posted a COW, so we are going to throw it at you right off the bat!

You'll find that this complex makes you earn the opportunity to hit the final 6 front squats....and once you're're not sure you want to be there anymore. Here it is:

COW #4

Complete 5 Sets of :

  • 1 Power Clean
  • 3 Hang Power Cleans
  • 2 Push Press
  • 6 Front Squats

As always, this complex needs to be done in an unbroken set. I would recommend starting very light so that you can get a good vibe on what this complex is all about. Once you get that first set under your belt, move into some heavier weights based on how it feels. By the last set you should be nervous about whether or not you're going to make it through all 12 reps.

This is not the highest quality video, and for whatever reason the first power clean was cut off, but I think this still serves the purpose and gives you an idea of what it should look like. Have fun with this one and kick this week off with a bang!