Does the shiny equipment with names you can't pronounce make you stronger? Maybe. However, chances are that you probably don't even know how to sit in it properly, let alone effectively use the equipment. And let's rewind just a bit...there's a major problem -- YOU'RE SITTING DOWN!

Last time I checked, working out required some work to be done. The overwhelming number of pulleys and cables, ergonomic design, or comfortable padding don't make whatever thingamajig more effective at building strength. 

In fact, it's my contention that the more simplistic a piece of equipment is, the more valuable it can be when building a stronger, tougher, fitter human.

A perfect example is the sandbag. Yes, you read that correctly. Look, If you asked me what one piece of equipment you should get so that you could start training today....the sandbag would be the golden ticket.

Let's just look at the benefits of building and training with a sandbag:

  • Sand is cheap
  • Duffle bags are cheap
  • Trash bags and duct tape are cheap
  • You can drop sandbags on most surfaces.
  • If any part of the bag breaks, it's easy to fix....and you guessed it....it's cheap.
  • You can create an appropriate weight based on your fitness level and/or exercise you're doing.
  •  It's easy (and cheap) to have several on hand for a multitude of uses. Think light, moderate and heavy.
  • I am confident that with a little imagination, you can find a way to use a sandbag to mimic any exercise you can think of.
  • Sandbags are odd objects....this is a good thing...trust me.
  • Sandbags soak up your sweat and start to smell. This, too, is a good thing. It forces you to deal with something that's not convenient, sexy or easy....It develops toughness -- both physical and mental.
  • It closely replicates the tasks that life throws at you. When shit hits the fan, it doesn't come in nice, neat, easy to move packages that smell like roses. Remember that and train for it. 

I could easily keep rolling on this list, but I think this should do the trick. You get the idea by now, right?

Yes, the sandbag is incredibly simple. But in that simplicity you'll find an incredible training tool that offers unlimited versatility and, if used wisely, a potent training stimulus that will have you dropping your globo-gym membership like it's hot.