On Saturday, December 13th from 11:00-12:30pm I am excited to announce that I will hold a Clean and Jerk Clinic. This clinic is open to the public and is for those with a basic understanding of the movements but want to improve their technique, be more efficient, and hit a new personal record.

Increasing your maximum load for the Clean and Jerk obviously requires a great deal of strength, but without dialing in your skill, you can only get so far. Being proficient is the key to being successful in many of your daily workouts; whether it is one rep as heavy as possible or if you have thirty Clean and Jerks for time.

The first hour you will spend learning drills to improve speed, foot work and body positioning. I will have you break apart these movements so we can focus on one part at a time. Then we will spend the last thirty minutes putting them together and working up to a maximum load for the day. A few days after the clinic is over I will touch base with you and review any questions you may have. You will also receive a couple videos of your lifts with audio commentary while performing them. These videos are extremely valuable as I slow them down and you can hear exactly what’s going on piece by piece.

As a coach and an athlete, Olympic Lifting is my passion and I’m eager to spend time teaching movements I love! I hope to see you there.