GunFighter3 - 2014

On Saturday, April 26th, the 3rd Annual GunFighter3 Reunion Workout took place at Travis County Strength.  I know that most of you have never heard of it or know anything about it, but let me just start by saying that this event is by far one of the most rewarding experiences I have the honor to be a part of each year. 

To keep this from becoming a freaking book, I'll give you the basic run-down:  Marines from all over the country come to reunite with the brothers they fought with in Fallujah in 2005 under the call-sign, "GunFighter3".

This reunion is so much more than a workout.  It's a way for the men of GF3 to continue to strengthen the bonds they established in the worst of scenarios back in 2005 and before.  The workout also serves as an educational and empowerment tool for some of the guys that have had to re-learn how to perform the tasks we take for granted - like walking, running, climbing stairs, picking objects up off the floor, etc.  These basic human skills have been re-learned, but some of the "auxiliary" tasks, like working out, have taken such a different twist that many of the Marines needed guidance on how to perform beneficial movements given their specific obstacles.

This is where I really feel fortunate to be a part of this.  My years of education and practical experiences working with a wide variety of people, and their obstacles, has allowed me to effectively give these men tools to take home with them.  These tools and ideas are so inherently powerful that just by performing basic routines, these once limited men may now be better able to strengthen their bodies and minds and surpass old limitations.

Now, I've always believed that there is no way to repay the men and women that fight for us and those that stand next to them in battle.  But I'd like to think that this is my way of giving something back to those that have given so much.  It's truly my honor to serve these Marines...these men.

If you'd like to hear a bit more about GF3, check out "Lead From The Front".  Otherwise, here's just a glimpse into what Saturday was all about....