Recap and Results

If you didn't join us for last Friday's Women's Only Friday Night SWOD, you missed out on an amazing time!  Women from all over central Texas came to take on three wicked workouts created by LIFT Coach, Jen Shaw and have a blast doing so.

The athletes put on some stellar performances throughout the evening and seemed to be fueled by the energy of the spectators and supporters.  It was intense environment.

In my opinion, though, the coolest part of Friday night was having the privilege of introducing women to lifts, exercises and implements that they had never performed before.  Movements and tools such as the keg clean and the Strongman Log Clean and Press.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience for many of the women, but one that left them wanting more of it!

The evening's last workout gave each athlete 8min to find their 2-Rep Max Deadlift.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, it was.  We just threw in a couple twists such as using only men's barbells and forcing the athletes to "tap'n'go" between rep 1 and 2.  Those factors didn't seem to have too much impact on the ladies' performances, because the majority of them set new PRs.....and did it TWICE!  Ridiculous!!!

All-in-all, it was a outstanding evening that everyone enjoyed and got something from the time at TCS.....whether "it" was a new deadlift PR, or learning a new movement, or meeting other badass was a major success for everyone!

Before I get to the results, I just wanted to thank the judges and volunteers that made it possible to pull off such a great evening.  Jen and I have continued to hear how much the athletes enjoyed and appreciated the quality of the event, the judges and the smooth operation of the event.  Thank you all for the time and energy you put in to helping us create something fun and special.


As Rx'd:

  1. Natalie Higby
  2. Amanda Hager
  3. Taylor Mistler
  4. Brittney Sanchez
  5. Franki Spell
  6. Meghan McCracken
  7. Sabrina Luccheta
  8. Katy Freshour
  9. Michelle Hentz
  10. Sarah Barry
  11. Kellie Lunday
  12. Dani Ring
  13. Shanna Ramirez
  14. Casey Bossard
  15. Tina Spears
  16. Mindy Valdez
  17. Genny Mounce
  18. Karin Jung
  19. Jen Calland
  20. Maggie Galant
  21. Lisa odea
  22. Lisa owens
  23. Liz Ruchte


  1. Haidy Francis
  2. Michelle Gagne
  3. Monica Putnam
  4. Krystal Cantu
  5. Vicki Buch
  6. Lori Blandin
  7. Ashley Blandin