What is Strength [by Jen Shaw]

What is strength?

by Jen Shaw
Creator and Head Coach of LIFT

How much do you snatch?  Does it really matter? Is that really going to help you get away from an intruder? Pull a loved one out of a fire? Carry someone a far distance in an emergency situation? Yeah, I mean..it does help. However not all problems you are faced with come in tight pretty little packages with time to set up and get chalk, as Trav says. When shit hits the fan, you do as your adrenaline says and fucking move. You might think that is over the top..but I assure you it is not. 

Working out and being strong will allow you to be that person that can help save your family, be the reliable force that others know will be able to get you out of whatever shit hole you have put yourself in. Working with odd objects will allow you to do these things. Now let me be clear, in order to work with odd objects you have to press, deadlift, and squat. Otherwise you have a back that is as strong as cotton candy. And ain't nobody got time for that!

Logs, stones, kegs, yoke and sleds. They are difficult, odd, hard. Oh well...so is anything that is worth pursuing. Learning to use this equipment will make you the strongest version of yourself, and make the barbell seem easy! 

On the 24th Coach Nick Mounce will be heading up a class focusing on some of these objects. If you think I am just full of it, come on and sign up. Prove me wrong. Better bring your strong back though.