What Makes Us Different?

Right now, as I type and you read, there are probably hundreds of gyms opening their doors for the first time as new businesses. It's a crazy time in the fitness world, largely due to the rapid expansion of CrossFit.

CrossFit has made fitness sexy again, much like Arnold made bodybuilding the hottest craze back in the day. Some people say that it's just a fad and that it will fade out, but I doubt it. There will be ups and downs I'm sure, but people are being exposed to the importance of this thing called "fitness" and I think we will continue to see it grow.

This is all great news! More people getting stronger and healthier is outstanding. But as a gym-owner and coach, it presents some unique challenges.

Like in any area of biz, it's a free market. Anyone can open up a gym and present potential competition for you. They do it by cutting down their prices, implementing the newest fitness thing-a-ma-jig, or by making bold claims that they do it better than anyone else. This is all fine, but it's also all bullshit.

You see, Fitness....strength and conditioning....working out.....whatever you call it, as I see it, boils down to an impossibly simple concept: Hard Work. That's it. Becoming strong, conditioned and fit is all about hard work. 

Often times, this concept gets pushed to the bottom of the deck while trends and fads get the spotlight. It also happens that there are a lot of people that really don't want to work hard. They want it the easiest way possible and in the least amount of time.

Not us.

Listen. I will never claim that Travis County Strength has all the right answers and that our way is the only/best way. This would be an absolutely silly statement. There is no perfect program or method.

Where we excel is utilizing tried and true methods of building true strength and conditioning. We keep it simple. You won't find trendy pieces of equipment that take longer to set up than to actually use. The work we ask you to complete is uncomplicated and purposeful. You will be asked to pick things up, carry things from A to B, put things over your head, push heavy shit, sprint your ass off, jump, crawl, load up and squat, move your own body-weight, and control your body in space. Not one of these is a new idea. These are not fancy methods, but they work....so long as you do as well.

Our purpose is not to make you a better worker-outer. Our goal is to use these simple methods and ideas to make you better at living your life and taking on new challenges outside of the gym. 

Suffice it to say that Travis County Strength is a life-enhancing facility. The deadlift, back squat, keg clean, farmers carry, burpee, etc. are all tools we use in the gym to help you build a better life outside of the gym. These tools serve a greater purpose.....they are not the purpose. Often times, in other forms of fitness, this gets lost in translation.