Strength AND Conditioning

We all have our "thing". Some of us like to breathe heavy.... others like to lift heavy. But, if we were to only do our "thing",what do we risk when the other stuff is needed? Would you be able to perform task "X" on the other side of the fitness coin?

Look, I go through phases of only wanting to lift AHA(F)P and take my time doing so. And when that phase passes, I find myself including more movement and pace. But regardless of what I want to do, I always include the flipside.


Because I never want to be caught off guard and unable to perform and handle....whatever comes down the pipeline. I guess you could consider my philosophy on training one of a "Prepper". You know, those people that stockpile water, gas, food, ammo, medical supplies, and whatever they may need when shit hits the fan. You may find this "prepping" mentality crazy as shit, but I like the idea and have applied  it to  training.

Being well-rounded as an person(in fitness and in life) is - in my opinion - far more valuable than being one-dimensional and as a result, being left out to dry. This is exactly why TCS is a Strength AND Conditioning gym. It's also a Conditioning AND Strength gym. See there, you can have it your way.