That's Spanish for The Hell. Just a fun little fact there.

Most of you that are reading this are looking for registration links, so I will provide those right now so that when I go into a little more detail...you can't back out. (evil laugh)

Alright. Now that that's done, here are some details of the event:

  1. This team competition is a cooperative effort between TCS and Of The Lion Fitness. We have teamed up to bring you a unique event that will test you and your partner in every aspect. 
  2. Each team is guaranteed 4 workouts with the top 2 teams of men and women going head-to-head in the final workout to decide the top team.
  3. Included in the team registration fee of $125 will be a swag bag filled with all sorts of goodies from our sponsors. The top men's and women's team will get even more badass stuff - basically because they are badasses.
  4. We will bust our ass to run a tight ship and do our very best to start and finish the day on time. We have the day starting at 8am and wrapping up around 2pm.  NO BS. That's how we do things.
  5. The workouts will be release at NOON on 6.19.15.
  6. Until then, ready yourselves.