You hear me preach about how our time and effort in the gym should serve us outside of the gym. In fact, that is exactly the reason we train the way we do. The same rules apply to developing Situational Awareness.

Sadly, developing situational awareness is often overlooked by coaches and athletes. 

Just like a complex movement requires thousands of reps before it's mastered, you must also develop awareness by practicing it whenever you're placed in a new environment or situation. Good news is that if you wake up to this, you will find that each day presents thousands of opportunities to "snap out of it" and get your shit straight.

One of the most appealing opportunities to train this attribute is your actual training session. Just think - every gym's environment is different and dynamic. Variables like time of day, temperature, the workout, the equipment being used, will present ample training material for your mind and overall awareness.  

The gym environment (just like life) demands that you're in tune with what's going on around you at all times - regardless of how tired you are. Injuries, mistakes, whatever usually happen when you're tired and not paying attention to the details of the task at hand and the environment you're in.

If we don't actively and consciously train ourselves to stay alert and have some foresight in the gym, how will we reinforce situational awareness in our day-to-day lives?

Food for thought. Enjoy. Apply.