FRIDAY NIGHT SWOD -- Workouts & Details

I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting the workout reveal, so let's not waste any time. One very important details is that the scoring of each event will be determined by TOTAL WEIGHT MOVED. Give this some thought as you come up with your game plans.

Also, be sure to read the entire post so that you don't miss anything. Attention to detail. 


5:00pm - Athlete & Volunteer check in 

5:40pm- Athlete SWOD briefing 

6:05pm - SWOD 1, Heat 1


  • Females will have 6 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean.
  • Males will then have 2 minutes to perform as many reps as possible of Ground-to-Overhead (excluding any snatch variation) at the weight established by the female member of the team.


  • Males will have 6 minutes to establish a 5RM Strict Press.
  • Females will then have 2 minutes to perform as many reps as possible of Deadlift at the weight established by the male member of the team.


  • 5 minute max-effort Bench Press
    • Team may work in any fashion to complete as many reps as possible at their selected weights.
    • Loading Options: 
  • 4 minute max-effort BB Zercher Squat
    • Females will work for the first 2 minutes to get as many reps as possible at their selected weight.
    • Males will then work for the second 2 minutes to get as many reps as possible at their weight.
    • Loading Options: 
  • 3 minute max-effort weighted Step-Up
    • Each athlete's weight may not touch the ground at any time during the 3 minutes
      • M:32kg KB
      • F:20kg KB


  • In 8 minutes, teams will work to get as many reps as possible of:
    • M: 8 Alternating Single-Arm Deadlift @ 215lbs
    • F: 8 Alternating Single-Arm DB Ground-to-Overhead @ 50lbs
      • Males must complete all 8 SADL reps before the female athlete can begin her work.


In 3 minutes, teams will work in an alternating fashion to complete as many rounds of:

  • 1 Stone Shoulder R (M:100lbs/F:80lbs)
  • 1 Stone Shoulder L
  • Sprint


We've had a lot of people ask for a coed team FNSwod, so here it is! We are really excited about this one. It's going to present some unique challenges for us as we program the workouts y'all will take on. One thing we can guarantee is that they, like all the previous FNSwods, will be fast'n'nasty!

Before I give y'all the registration link, understand that only ONE member from your team will need to register. After that's done, your job is to prepare as best as possible for whatever we throw at you. Stay tuned for more information about the event as it becomes available.




**We will run this as tight as possible. Don't be that person.**

  • 630-715am -- Athlete Check In
  • 700am -- Volunteers & Judges Meeting
  • 720am -- Athlete Briefing
  • 745-800am -- Warmup
  • 800am -- Workout 1 / Heat 1 -- GO TIME!


One member of each team will complete one of the following:

  • 1min Max Calorie Airdyne
  • 2min Max Calorie Row


  • Athletes will have one shot to earn as many calories as possible on their given task.
  • Team score will be the total calories earned by each member of the team.

WORKOUT#2 -- (7.5min Cap)

A) In 5 minutes, each team member will establish a 1-rep max of the following barbell complex:

  • 1 Ground-to-Overhead
  • 1 Front Squat
    • Athletes may go in any order, but once a weight has been loaded, it cannot be taken off. Weight can only increase during the 5min work period.

B) Once 5 minutes has elapsed, athletes will be given a 30 second transition period to ready themselves for the following:

  • 2 minute AMRAP of Dual Kettlebell Farmers Carry in alternating fashion.
    • M: Dual 72/F: Dual 53

WORKOUT#3 -- (10min Cap)

With a 10 minute running clock, athletes will complete the following AFAP:

  • 600m Loaded Run @ M:90/F:60
  • 60 Single-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters @ M:60/F:35
  • 40 Stone-over-Shoulder @ M:90/F:60
  • Teams will use the remaining time to accumulate as many strict pull-ups as possible. 


  • Athletes may switch the load as they see fit during the run.
  • Athletes may not contact the DB with the off hand during the thrusters.
  • Judges will signal a good rep at the top of each thruster. Only after this call can the DB be lowered back to the shoulder/front rack position.
  • Athletes must place the DB on the ground when performing a transition to their teammate. It cannot be dropped or handed off.
  • Athletes may complete the 40 SOS's in any fashion.
  • Athletes will be signaled by their judge when to pull ("UP"), and when the rep is completed at the top (sounding off the rep count). 
    • For example: "UP"....."ONE"....."UP"....."TWO".....
  • Athletes can work through their pull-ups in any fashion.

WORKOUT#4 -- (8min Cap)

Teams will work to accomplish the following AFAP:

  • 40 Trap Bar Deadlifts @ M:225/F:155
  • 40 Rope Jumps
  • 30 Trap Bar Deadlifts @ M:255/F:185
  • 30 Rope Jumps
  • 20 Trap Bar Deadlifts @ M:275/F:205
  • 20 Rope Jumps


  • Only one person works at a time.
  • Athletes may complete the reps in any fashion they wish, but one task must be completed before moving on to the next.
  • Athletes will be responsible for weight changes and fully securing the weight with clamps.
  • Athletes may not bounce or drop the weight while deadlifting. This will be at the discretion of your judge.


The top two M/F teams will face off to complete the following AFAP for the top spot:



What an awesome night!

If you were there as an athlete, spectator, judge or volunteer I know you will agree that Friday night's Heavy Metal Team Strongman Competition was badass! 

Unfortunately, strongman events are kept pretty exclusive due to the crazy minimum requirements that athletes must meet in order to "play". With Heavy Metal we wanted to open the doors to anyone that was willing to take on a new challenge - and we could not have be more pleased with the final results of the evening.

Teams took on 5 demanding workouts that focused solely on strongman movements and characteristics. At the end of the night, it's fair to say, that everyone - even the top-level strongmen that participated in the event - were SMOKED! 

Needless to say, the energy and effort that each athlete brought to the competition was a major factor in the event's success. It should also be said that without the judges, volunteer, spectators and our sponsors(Rogue American Apparel, Survival Tactical Systems, Disciples Of Iron, ONNIT, Fringe Sport, 24 Diner, Easy Tiger and Blithe Salon & Spa).......Heavy Metal would not have run so smooth or had such a positive outcome. It was truly a group effort and everyone deserves a huge THANK YOU for their part.

Here are the final standings:


1st - Brandlyn & Stacey
2nd - Natalie & Katie
3rd - Carrey & Bonnie
4th - Meghan & Taylor
5th - Michelle & Paige
6th - Genny & Allison


1st - Travis & David
2nd - Kevin & David
3rd - Josh & Andrew
4th - Dom & Andre
5th - Elliot & Elliot
6th - Tony & Jared


The time is near!

We've had a lot of buzz about this team strongman competition and we are super excited to see how y'all handle these unique workouts. It's going to be a good night!

Without wasting any more time.....Here are your workouts and some very important info that you need to read through and understand. Doing so will only help you, so please take the time.

Workout#1 - "LOAD'n'GO"
(6min Cap)

In alternating fashion, athletes will carry various objects from one end of the course to other and "load" that object over the cross-member of yoke A. Once all 6 objects have been carried and loaded over yoke A, the team will again work in alternating fashion to transport and load all objects over yoke B. The workout is completed when the last object is loaded over yoke B and that athlete sprints back to finish line.

Workout#2 - "YOKED" 
(6min Cap)

Teams will have 6 minutes to establish a 1-RM yoke carry for each member of the team. At the end of 6 minutes, Athlete A's heaviest successful carry will be added to Athlete B's heaviest successful carry for a team total.
**NOTE: Once weight is added to the yoke, it can not be taken off throughout the 6 minute duration.  

Workout#3 - "HANGMAN" 
(3min Cap)

At the sound of "GO!", both team members must be hanging from the pullup bar while avoiding contact with anything else. The team's score is determined by the first member of each team to drop from the bar. Essentially, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

Workout#4 - "LOGGING"
(6min Cap)

Teams will have 6 minutes to establish a 1-RM log clean & press for each member of the team. At the end of 6 minutes, Athlete A's heaviest successful lift will be added to Athlete B's heaviest successful lift for a team total.
**NOTE: Athletes must show full control at the top of each lift/press. Additionally, if an athlete purposefully drops the log rather than controlling it back to the floor, that rep will NOT be counted. This call will be made at the discretion of the judge and is for everyone's safety.

Workout#5 - "MEDLEY"
(5min Cap)

The workout begins with a farmers carry "Buy-In" for each member of the team. Once Athlete A completes the farmers carry, he/she can then move on to the odd object ground-to-shoulder to start acquiring reps for the team. Athlete B must then complete the farmers carry in order to join Athlete A and work through the required team reps at each of the 5 objects. After the last object has been successfully shouldered, both team members must once again complete the same farmers carry as a "Buy-Out". The workout is completed once the last team member farmers carries across the finish line.

Need To Know Info

  • 5:15pm -- Athlete Check-In Starts 
  • 5:30pm -- Judges & Volunteers Meeting
  • 5:45pm -- Welcome and Workouts Briefing Begins
  • 6:30pm -- Heat#1 Of "LOAD'n'GO" Starts

Athletes are responsible for bringing any and all equipment, food, water bottle and anything else that may be needed......We provide water, chalk, a bathroom, a shower, some badass workouts and a great time!