We all know that any time spent on an airbike(airdyne, assault bike, xebex, airfit, etc.) is probably going to be miserable and end horribly - It's the nature of the beast, but that's why we do it. There's not much out there that can create that type of suck. That being said, there's no reason to make it worse than it has to be!

In the video below, I share a couple quick tips on how to properly set up your bike so that your time in the saddle is a little less shitty. 

That That Must Not Be Named

Workout Credit goes to Pat Sherwood of CF Linchpin.

Workout Credit goes to Pat Sherwood of CF Linchpin.

The past couple of weeks have been a practice of doing shit that I don't enjoy, and doing so consistently. Things like 40min Airdyne sessions and the sexy beast you see above have not only proven to be physically challenging, but more importantly, they have forced me to get out of my own head and just put in the work.

It would be pretty damn hilarious if I could somehow include y'all in on the mental conversations I have before and during these types of sessions. It's pure gold. Regardless of what goes through my head, the key is that the work gets done and it gets done to the highest quality I can muster. 

At times, I have to be my own coach and remind myself that the work can't always be fun and enjoyable. Yes, in the long run your program needs to something you enjoy(in a sick,twisted way) - otherwise you will not stick with it. But on the flipside, if you're not hitting that stuff that makes you turn in to a whiny 5 year old (at least mentally) you're really not creating a solid level of strength & conditioning that is well-rounded. 

Whether it be burpees, running, lifting heavy, sandbag getups, or enjoying a pleasant cruise on the airdyne - put in the work and you'll find that it no longer sits outside of your wheelhouse.


Two Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood

I know, I know. Shit is about to get cliche`.  I promise it won't last long - hang in there with me.

There are always at least two choices a person can make in any situation they're faced with. The difficulty comes in actually seeing all of the options rather than feeling trapped. Again I repeat - There are always choices. 

What's really cool is that people that dose themselves with a bit of adversity on a regular basis are then better able to handle shitty situations when they pop up. They've been training for those times that the shit hits the fan - and they are ready.

It may not always be a physically demanding challenge. Sometimes, it is purely psychological. For example, having to make a difficult decision and being able to keep a cool head while searching out all of the available options might come in handy in life, right? Thought so.

As a coach driven to build physically and mentally strong people, it's my job to dish out dosages of suck. If I don't, I am doing my athletes a disservice and not helping the prepare for adversity. And I don't want that on my conscience. 

This week, our primary dosage of suck was an abbreviated version of "Airdyne to Hell". Some of you out there know what I'm talking about, others haven't had the pleasure.

"Airdyne to Hell"(abbreviated)

  • 40 calories AFAP
  • 30 calories AFAP
  • 20 calories AFAP
  • 10 calories AFAP
  • Rest = 1:1 

This may not sound like much on paper, but if done correctly, shit gets spiritual. 

Why did we do this? Because it's really, really hard. It's also something that we've never done before. Suffice it to say, it created a ton of adversity for each individual to deal with - both physically and mentally.

When it was all said and done, I was proud of how each individual handled themselves. It was one of those moments that confirmed that these people are tough and can manage themselves better than most. It was a good day!

Be sure to add a little adversity in your life every once in a while. A muscle does not get bigger or stronger if it is not worked. The same is true of your ability to taken on challenging situations. Choose the difficult path. Take the one less traveled by - It will make all the difference.