Body Control


Coach Nyki Helmcamp has created Sigma Gymnastics - a fresh, new spin on the earliest form of strength training. This program provides 6 athletes the opportunity to take your training and body development to another level! Beginning in January 2015, Nyki will be opening Sigma Gymnastics right here at Travis County Strength.

What existed as the premiere form of strength training before all the iron and innovative products hit the scene was straight up bodyweight strength. To develop supreme bodyweight strength is to develop ultimate brawn and vitality, grip, stamina, tendon and joint strength, balance, coordination, inhuman discipline and grit as well as control.

Using Mother Nature’s perfect level of resistance, our own bodyweight, we will progressively apply principles to become stronger by manipulating positions and adjusting leverage points. There is no individual who is either too weak nor too strong to begin this program and that is the beauty. Where ever you are in your training there is progress to be made with this program!

You will find more details in the following weeks here, as well as on Coach Nyki Helmcamp's blog -

Get Ready to PLAY!