Hard Work


MAN! It's weird getting back to the keyboard after such a long hiatus, but it needed to happen! I saw a quick video that got me super fired up about working hard and the possibilities that open up when someone is willing to push harder. So while I was knocking out some of the chores around the gym this afternoon, I was attempting to script this post out in some form or fashion so that it would come across as a worthy topic that brings y'all some value.

The logical place to start would be to share with y'all the video that has inspired this post. Boom!

I know what you're probably thinking.....WTF?!? Ashton Kutcher?!?! It's OK, I thought the same thing. Nothing against him, as I really don't know anything about him, but this tiny glimpse shows some pretty impressive qualities that I respect immensely.

All of the points that he hits on are GOLDEN. I don't think there's anyone out there that can deny that the message he's sending has some serious value - especially when you consider who he speaking to in this case. Everyone needs to hear this shit, but young people need it more now than ever, as widespread entitlement has seemingly swept over our population, which, in my opinion, is incredibly dangerous.

What really hit me was his first point of OPPORTUNITY. He states that, "opportunity looks a lot like hard work." 

WHOA! Take that in for a second.

It is way too easy to forget this. No one owes you shit. You are NOT entitled to all the shiny things in this world. You must WORK for everything. That hard work then opens new doors and new opportunities for success and fulfillment. 

Another Kutcher-ism that I really, really like is when he proudly states, "I'VE NEVER HAD A JOB THAT I WAS BETTER THAN." 

That shit is awesome. Period. 

If you think you are "too good" for this or that, you will most likely find yourself waiting for hand-outs wondering why you're in the situation your in. Respect is earned and dues must be paid. These are simple laws of life. Choose to ignore these and life will chew your ass up and leave you wondering WTF happened.





Guilty, or just faking it?

This past weekend I was at a social event with a lot of people I didn't know.  As to be expected, there was a lot of small talk as newly introduced individuals mingle for the first time.  What I found interesting, though, was that as soon as I mentioned that I owned a gym and was a strength and conditioning coach - people lost their shit!

What I mean by that is that the tone of the conversation automatically shifted.  What was a casual conversation turned into what you might expect if you walked in on a parent disciplining a child.  I mean, they were practically beating themselves up for their lack of fitness.


Now, before I continue, this is by no means a bash session on these people or anyone else that doesn't see fitness as a priority in their life.  Really this is just a post posing a question to anyone and everyone:

"Are you really guilty, or are you just faking it?"

I ask this question because the situation I was in over the weekend is pretty common when I step foot into a new social circle.....and it just makes me wonder.

I guess this is where I stand:

If you truly feel guilty about how you've neglected your health and fitness, GREAT!  That's a fantastic start.  Often times, people must encounter tremendous pain before being driven enough to make a massive change.  If you're ready to make that change and work hard for it, I welcome you to come be a part of what we do at Travis County Strength.  You will evolve and transform.

BUT.....and this is a big one......if you merely speak about what you should do, what you used to be able to do, and what keeps you from doing what you "want" to do - then I would encourage you to simply stop pretending and own your beliefs.

To put it simply....If you're going to do something about it, do it!  If you're not, stop talking about it!

Either way, I wish you the best.  Our doors will always be open to those that are ready to work for their change.