Ice, Man

Chances are that if you squat frequently, you go through periods where your achy-ass knees hold you back a bit from going at your next workout with the same intensity.  It's just part of the game, I get it.  But there is something you can do about it.....

This is not revolutionary, but it does work IF you actually do it.  ICE!  

Achy knees are just one obvious example, but we all know that "the tightness" and "the crunchy stuff" travels throughout the body, mostly depending on what you did the day (or two) before.  Still I say ICE!

Sometimes, and I speak from experience here, the only reason you don't follow through on your icing responsibilities is the fact that it's somewhat inconvenient.  It's hard to do anything when you've got to hold a bag of frozen blueberries on your knees.  This may seem lazy, but let's be honest - icing is mandatory if you wish to continue working hard in the gym - so by all means, be "lazy".

I've got the very best "lazy man's" ice pack that makes routine icing easy while still allowing you to get shit done if needed.

Captain Multi-Purpose Jumbo Gel Pack with Pouch

Again, this is not a revolutionary idea.  It is, however, a durable, functional and high-quality wrap that will make it that much easier for you to stay on top of your aches and pains, and will keep you coming back to the gym feeling ready to take on any task that shows up on the whiteboard.