Maggie Gallant

Perspective From a LIFT Chick

Inside the walls of Travis County Strength you'll find a broad spectrum of individuals.  Each one of the athletes (yes, they are all athletes!) that trains under our roof brings an entirely different flavor to the gym and undoubtedly has an equally unique perspective on the experiences he/she has here.

Often times as a coach, it's your job to attempt to get inside the head of your athlete to discover what they are thinking and experiencing - ultimately giving you, the coach, the missing piece of the puzzle of that given task or obstacle.

In the case of Maggie G, one of Jen Shaw's LIFT athletes, the perspective she has is no longer trapped's out for the world to know about.  It's a hilarious and insightful write-up that speaks volumes to what type of person Maggie is (outstanding), what type of program LIFT is (...outstanding), and invites all women to come experience the type of personal growth (physical and mental) you'll develop through the participation in LIFT.

Please take a few minutes to read this hilarious piece from Travis County Strength's very own...

Maggie Gallant.  

"Get Fit After 45 (and Definitely Before 50)"