If you are someone that trains out of your garage, you probably have a limited area for a ton of more traditional equipment. Not to mention, the cost of buying all of that stuff is enough to deter even the most hardcore worker-outers. But don't stress. The answer is very simple and very inexpensive: build a sandbag.

Sandbags have become more mainstream recently due to the growing popularity of strongman, but there are many of you out there that are still missing the boat. Implementing sandbags into your training program has a multitude of advantages, but two big ones are:

1. They are inexpensive and easy to make. Major ROI.

2. They more accurately represent the types of object manipulation we face day-to-day. Let's just simplify this by saying that sandbags provide a more real-life experience than a barbell. Evenly distributed weight on a convenient barbell doesn't really happen in nature....just a thought.

Now, contrary to the name, you don't want to literally fill a bag full of sand and go crush a workout. Trust me, that's a bad idea. You'll find that to be a major pain in the ass to use and clean up after. Just picture coming out of the ocean and rolling around on the beach - that pretty accurately depicts the outcome. 

Instead, watch the video below. Chapa and I walk you through the process of building a solid general purpose sandbag. The video is a long one at 6 minutes, but I think that if you are serious about your training and creating a well-rounded program, it will totally be worth it to you to watch. Then, after you build your bag, we will be sharing another blog covering the 3 sandbag exercises you NEED to be doing to get strong. These exercises provide major bang for your buck - especially when performed with the sandbag, so you'll want to stay tuned for that one. 

Until then, get that bag built!


Given the success of the last TCS competition - Heavy Metal - Coach Nick Mounce has decided to give his Strongman-specific program a new look that I think many of you out there will really like.

Essentially, these new HEAVY METAL Saturdays will have an education/skill practice portion that will then be applied to a true Strongman workout(s). To put it will learn - then apply. Needless to say, the variations are limitless so you'll have to be ready for anything.


Movements Include:

  • Tire Flips
  • Truck Pulls
  • Heavy Drags & Pushes
  • Farmers Carry
  • Keg Cleans
  • Strongman Log
  • Stone Shouldering/Loading
  • Yoke Walks & Carries
  • Car Deadlifts
  • Odd Object Carries
  • Sandbag Fun
  • Grip Strength Work
  • And More!

HEAVY METAL Saturdays --- The Details: 

  • Class runs from 10-11am two Saturdays each month
  • Capped @ 8 Athletes
  • Class Fee = $40 

Your first chance to get in on HEAVY METAL is this Saturday!




What an awesome night!

If you were there as an athlete, spectator, judge or volunteer I know you will agree that Friday night's Heavy Metal Team Strongman Competition was badass! 

Unfortunately, strongman events are kept pretty exclusive due to the crazy minimum requirements that athletes must meet in order to "play". With Heavy Metal we wanted to open the doors to anyone that was willing to take on a new challenge - and we could not have be more pleased with the final results of the evening.

Teams took on 5 demanding workouts that focused solely on strongman movements and characteristics. At the end of the night, it's fair to say, that everyone - even the top-level strongmen that participated in the event - were SMOKED! 

Needless to say, the energy and effort that each athlete brought to the competition was a major factor in the event's success. It should also be said that without the judges, volunteer, spectators and our sponsors(Rogue American Apparel, Survival Tactical Systems, Disciples Of Iron, ONNIT, Fringe Sport, 24 Diner, Easy Tiger and Blithe Salon & Spa).......Heavy Metal would not have run so smooth or had such a positive outcome. It was truly a group effort and everyone deserves a huge THANK YOU for their part.

Here are the final standings:


1st - Brandlyn & Stacey
2nd - Natalie & Katie
3rd - Carrey & Bonnie
4th - Meghan & Taylor
5th - Michelle & Paige
6th - Genny & Allison


1st - Travis & David
2nd - Kevin & David
3rd - Josh & Andrew
4th - Dom & Andre
5th - Elliot & Elliot
6th - Tony & Jared

Shannon's Strongman Day

Yesterday started out like most....but when it came time for my training session with Shannon, I was in for a real treat.

Shannon is tiny. She weighs 115lbs soaking wet and has not spent a ton of time in the gym, which is understandable since she is currently working towards her Ph.D. in something that this meathead is not going to attempt to re-communicate.

In either case, she knows that becoming strong and fit will help her in all areas of her life and that is how our training came to be. 

Now, we've been working together for about 2 months. We started out slow and really focused on laying a solid foundation of good mechanics and building strength. (This never stops being the priority, right?) We are now at a point that we can begin throwing doses of intensity into our logically, we went right to strongman movements to get that job done!


If you've been a subscriber to this blog for any reasonable amount of time, you have most likely read that "Strongman movements are not learned - they are remembered." This hardwiring that all humans come with sets up for being able to successfully navigate through life and the obstacles that come with it. The sad part is that most people forget how to lift, carry, throw, squat, run, push, pull - at least when it comes to dealing with actual, real-life scenarios where these abilities are required. The good news is, that we simply need to be reminded because it's already known. It's innate in all of us.

This is exactly why strongman movements and workouts are perfect for newbies! There's minimal teaching that occurs before he or she is rocking it with some appropriate intensity!

The really cool part of this is that it's FUN as hell to do and you'll see that  it lights people up with excitement! Not to mention it gives them a massive boost of confidence. All great things, right?! 

So whether you are a coach or an athlete, if you are not implementing strongman movements into your workouts, you are missing a massive piece of the puzzle. Strongman is real life. To not train these techniques means you're not training for your life. 

If you're ready to remember how to move and operate in ways your life dictates, Travis County Strength will be hosting the CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course on January 31st. This is the best way to re-introduce these movements and concepts back into your life. I hope to see you there!

Saturday, JAN. 31st  


 9 AM - 4:30 PM