The time is near!

We've had a lot of buzz about this team strongman competition and we are super excited to see how y'all handle these unique workouts. It's going to be a good night!

Without wasting any more time.....Here are your workouts and some very important info that you need to read through and understand. Doing so will only help you, so please take the time.

Workout#1 - "LOAD'n'GO"
(6min Cap)

In alternating fashion, athletes will carry various objects from one end of the course to other and "load" that object over the cross-member of yoke A. Once all 6 objects have been carried and loaded over yoke A, the team will again work in alternating fashion to transport and load all objects over yoke B. The workout is completed when the last object is loaded over yoke B and that athlete sprints back to finish line.

Workout#2 - "YOKED" 
(6min Cap)

Teams will have 6 minutes to establish a 1-RM yoke carry for each member of the team. At the end of 6 minutes, Athlete A's heaviest successful carry will be added to Athlete B's heaviest successful carry for a team total.
**NOTE: Once weight is added to the yoke, it can not be taken off throughout the 6 minute duration.  

Workout#3 - "HANGMAN" 
(3min Cap)

At the sound of "GO!", both team members must be hanging from the pullup bar while avoiding contact with anything else. The team's score is determined by the first member of each team to drop from the bar. Essentially, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

Workout#4 - "LOGGING"
(6min Cap)

Teams will have 6 minutes to establish a 1-RM log clean & press for each member of the team. At the end of 6 minutes, Athlete A's heaviest successful lift will be added to Athlete B's heaviest successful lift for a team total.
**NOTE: Athletes must show full control at the top of each lift/press. Additionally, if an athlete purposefully drops the log rather than controlling it back to the floor, that rep will NOT be counted. This call will be made at the discretion of the judge and is for everyone's safety.

Workout#5 - "MEDLEY"
(5min Cap)

The workout begins with a farmers carry "Buy-In" for each member of the team. Once Athlete A completes the farmers carry, he/she can then move on to the odd object ground-to-shoulder to start acquiring reps for the team. Athlete B must then complete the farmers carry in order to join Athlete A and work through the required team reps at each of the 5 objects. After the last object has been successfully shouldered, both team members must once again complete the same farmers carry as a "Buy-Out". The workout is completed once the last team member farmers carries across the finish line.

Need To Know Info

  • 5:15pm -- Athlete Check-In Starts 
  • 5:30pm -- Judges & Volunteers Meeting
  • 5:45pm -- Welcome and Workouts Briefing Begins
  • 6:30pm -- Heat#1 Of "LOAD'n'GO" Starts

Athletes are responsible for bringing any and all equipment, food, water bottle and anything else that may be needed......We provide water, chalk, a bathroom, a shower, some badass workouts and a great time! 


HEAVY METAL - Team Strongman Competition

January 30 2015


Travis County Strength 
5501 N. Lamar Blvd #113 
ATX 78751

6 teams of 2 males -- REGISTER HERE
6 teams of 2 females -- REGISTER HERE
*Only 1 Person from each team needs to register*

$50 per Team

Each member of the team should be familiar with the following equipment: YOKES, ATLAS STONES, LOGS, FARMERS CARRIES, KEGS, SANDBAGS, TIRES, AND SLEDS. 

Workouts will be released at noon the day of the competition.

Be Ready! 

Friday Night SWOD - Recap

By now you've probably seen some picture, post, or tweet from last Friday evening's event at TCS, the Friday Night SWOD. I'll be honest in saying that this was one of our smaller FNS events - my theory is that holding this on the same night as the ACL opener is not the best plan of action, but what the hell. We had a blast with a bunch of great people! And really, that's why we do this.

So, with that being said, the competition was a huge success!

We had athletes from Houston, San Marcos, Seguin, Cedar Park and of course Austin. All of these competitors took on the 3 workouts of the evening:

1. "Draggin' Ass"
2. "Load'n'Go"
3. "The To-Do List"

It was clear that everyone thought that the first workout was the nastiest of them all.....which is exactly what we planned on. Competitors tore into this workout with a blistering pace that soon slowed to a "Get this shit over with" grind. Once each heat ended with several athletes taking a couple moments to collect themselves before attempting to stand and walk off the workout floor. Perfect!

The second workout slowed things down a least temporarily while each athlete had 6min to establish his/her 2-Rep Max Front Squat before going immediately to a nasty little sandbag/stepup complex that only lasted for 90sec, but surely felt like a lifetime. 

We saw some massive lifts, and I would say that the majority of the athletes managed to PR their old 1-Rep Max and take it for a second rep! 

One moment that was captured by our video crew pretty much says it all. This is Carlos.

Carlos is the owner of CrossFit Houston and came up for his first FNS. He's probably glad he did, as he set a new PR on his Front Squat and ended up taking 3rd place overall.

On the final workout of the night we kept it super simple. But as you've heard on this very blog:

"Simple does NOT mean easy."

Athletes had to complete a ridiculously heavy set of single-arm DB presses, then go right to a short set of Burpees, only to then be forced to move a heavy-ass sandbag while performing Sandbag Getups. Miserable.

Nevertheless, these athletes powered through and came out the other side feeling beat-down and broken, but had fun all the while. Some athletes even got to perform some exercises and use some tools that they had never used before, like the stone and sandbag. 

At the end of the night, we gathered around and announced the top 3 males and 3 females in the Rx'd division, as well as the top female from the Scaled division.

Rx'd Males:

  1. Elliot E.
  2. Joshua K.
  3. Carlos I.
  4. Layke F.
  5. Jason W.
  6. Nathan F.
  7. Anthony B.
  8. Russ L.
  9. Elliot S.
  10. Michael S.
  11. Gabe K.

Rx'd Females:

  1. Taylor M.
  2. Cat C./Amanda H.
  3. Michelle H.
  4. Allison W.
  5. Carrey B.
  6. Lindsay S.
  7. Nicole A.
  8. Marianna M.
  9. Shannon
  10. Evelyn
  11. Laurie G.

Scaled Females:

  1. Shelley S.
  2. Katrina T.
  3. Ashley B.
  4. George

All of the competitors did an outstanding job throughout the entire night. But, as is the case with any competition, the FNS would not have even happened if it weren't for the judges and volunteers. 

These ladies and gents spent the entire time counting reps and maintaining a high standard of movement, as well as making big changes to the layout of the workout floor for each of the 3 workouts. Again, without these individuals the night would have gone completely different and no one would have had the quality experience they did. So a big Thank You goes out to those that made the evening possible!

In closing, I would just like to say that you can stay up to date with the events that Travis County Strength has going on at any given time by checking the EVENTS tab on the website. This is where we will post future Friday Night SWOD's and much more! You can also stay in touch with TCS goings on right here on the blog! 

Until next time!