Strong Women


In our latest edition of "WHAT'S YOUR WHY?", we sit down with TCS athlete, Wendy Vaughan. Tattoos, stylin' chucks and moving heavy weight are just a snapshot of a much larger picture in regards to Wendy's reason for working hard in the gym and out.  


Carrey Bull has been a mainstay at TCS since day one. Her positivity and ridiculous work ethic influence everyone that has the privilege of training with her. To put it simply, Carrey makes TCS a far better place. 

What I really love about Carrey's story is that she truly finds value in the work that we do in the gym because it serves her outside of the gym. The last thing I want is for our athletes to be great worker-outters and then flop when it comes to real life shit. We do this stuff so that you can do the things you do better!

Here's Carrey's WHY:


If you've been with TCS for a while now, you undoubtedly know Taylor or have at least heard other TCS athletes speak her praises.  Taylor is a LIFT athlete under Coach Jen Shaw and is one of those athletes that makes everyone else around her better.  Taylor is truly a very special young woman that impresses everyone with her hard work, unrelenting positivity and kindness.  

This past weekend Taylor traveled to Houston to take on her very first competition as an "As Rx'd Individual" -- A pretty big deal when you have as much passion and intensity for completive fitness as Taylor does. 

And this, my friends, is where I will send you over to Jen's LIFT blog to find out just how the weekend went for Taylor, as well as find out what Jen thinks is the main driver for Taylor's success. -----> LIFT

I know I speak for the entire Travis County Strength community when I say that we are so proud of you!  Thank you for representing TCS and LIFT the way you do!