Travis County Strength



LIFT for Girls Fall Sunday Series

Coach Kevyn will be running a 60 minute class for five Sundays starting August 25th.

FOR WHO: Any girl age 10-16 who wants to hang out lifting weights and having fun with a group of cool chicks.

WHY: This class is designed to build strength in body weight and strongman movements to compliment any sport they are involved in. Confidence is built through strength training, making friends and teamwork.

Girls ages 10-16 from any fitness background is welcome.


Speciality Courses

Located in the heart of Austin, TX.



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Our Way

The moment you walk through the doors of Travis County Strength you recognize that there’s something unique happening. It may not be clear exactly what that is, but it quickly becomes apparent that you want to be a part of it. That unknown driving force that hits you is what our facility is built upon. The foundational principles of TCS are and always will be:


-Hard Work

-Personal Growth

Simple yet profound, these principles we operate from create a clear-cut path we walk each day.  It’s not just a gym.  It’s not just a workout.  What we do offers so much more than biceps and a six-pack.  We invest more time, effort, energy and expertise so that each individual progressively develops his or her physical and mental strength. 

This place, and the people around you, will teach you lessons that many refuse to accept or are too scared to discover and live by.  This place can be for everyone, but it’s not.  Some decide that our principles – our code – push them to be something they’re uncomfortable with.  That’s, of course, their choice.  But you and I have decided that the easy road is not worth traveling.  We expect more.  We demand more of ourselves.  We expect more from those that surround us.  It is our willingness to accept the challenge of hard work; our decision to live each day to the highest standards; and our unrelenting effort to raise those standards that set us apart.

True strength – of all forms – takes a lifetime to acquire.  Let’s get started now.