Friday Night SWOD

FRIDAY NIGHT SWOD -- Workouts & Details

I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting the workout reveal, so let's not waste any time. One very important details is that the scoring of each event will be determined by TOTAL WEIGHT MOVED. Give this some thought as you come up with your game plans.

Also, be sure to read the entire post so that you don't miss anything. Attention to detail. 


5:00pm - Athlete & Volunteer check in 

5:40pm- Athlete SWOD briefing 

6:05pm - SWOD 1, Heat 1


  • Females will have 6 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean.
  • Males will then have 2 minutes to perform as many reps as possible of Ground-to-Overhead (excluding any snatch variation) at the weight established by the female member of the team.


  • Males will have 6 minutes to establish a 5RM Strict Press.
  • Females will then have 2 minutes to perform as many reps as possible of Deadlift at the weight established by the male member of the team.


  • 5 minute max-effort Bench Press
    • Team may work in any fashion to complete as many reps as possible at their selected weights.
    • Loading Options: 
  • 4 minute max-effort BB Zercher Squat
    • Females will work for the first 2 minutes to get as many reps as possible at their selected weight.
    • Males will then work for the second 2 minutes to get as many reps as possible at their weight.
    • Loading Options: 
  • 3 minute max-effort weighted Step-Up
    • Each athlete's weight may not touch the ground at any time during the 3 minutes
      • M:32kg KB
      • F:20kg KB


  • In 8 minutes, teams will work to get as many reps as possible of:
    • M: 8 Alternating Single-Arm Deadlift @ 215lbs
    • F: 8 Alternating Single-Arm DB Ground-to-Overhead @ 50lbs
      • Males must complete all 8 SADL reps before the female athlete can begin her work.


In 3 minutes, teams will work in an alternating fashion to complete as many rounds of:

  • 1 Stone Shoulder R (M:100lbs/F:80lbs)
  • 1 Stone Shoulder L
  • Sprint


We've had a lot of people ask for a coed team FNSwod, so here it is! We are really excited about this one. It's going to present some unique challenges for us as we program the workouts y'all will take on. One thing we can guarantee is that they, like all the previous FNSwods, will be fast'n'nasty!

Before I give y'all the registration link, understand that only ONE member from your team will need to register. After that's done, your job is to prepare as best as possible for whatever we throw at you. Stay tuned for more information about the event as it becomes available.


Friday Night SWOD - Recap

By now you've probably seen some picture, post, or tweet from last Friday evening's event at TCS, the Friday Night SWOD. I'll be honest in saying that this was one of our smaller FNS events - my theory is that holding this on the same night as the ACL opener is not the best plan of action, but what the hell. We had a blast with a bunch of great people! And really, that's why we do this.

So, with that being said, the competition was a huge success!

We had athletes from Houston, San Marcos, Seguin, Cedar Park and of course Austin. All of these competitors took on the 3 workouts of the evening:

1. "Draggin' Ass"
2. "Load'n'Go"
3. "The To-Do List"

It was clear that everyone thought that the first workout was the nastiest of them all.....which is exactly what we planned on. Competitors tore into this workout with a blistering pace that soon slowed to a "Get this shit over with" grind. Once each heat ended with several athletes taking a couple moments to collect themselves before attempting to stand and walk off the workout floor. Perfect!

The second workout slowed things down a least temporarily while each athlete had 6min to establish his/her 2-Rep Max Front Squat before going immediately to a nasty little sandbag/stepup complex that only lasted for 90sec, but surely felt like a lifetime. 

We saw some massive lifts, and I would say that the majority of the athletes managed to PR their old 1-Rep Max and take it for a second rep! 

One moment that was captured by our video crew pretty much says it all. This is Carlos.

Carlos is the owner of CrossFit Houston and came up for his first FNS. He's probably glad he did, as he set a new PR on his Front Squat and ended up taking 3rd place overall.

On the final workout of the night we kept it super simple. But as you've heard on this very blog:

"Simple does NOT mean easy."

Athletes had to complete a ridiculously heavy set of single-arm DB presses, then go right to a short set of Burpees, only to then be forced to move a heavy-ass sandbag while performing Sandbag Getups. Miserable.

Nevertheless, these athletes powered through and came out the other side feeling beat-down and broken, but had fun all the while. Some athletes even got to perform some exercises and use some tools that they had never used before, like the stone and sandbag. 

At the end of the night, we gathered around and announced the top 3 males and 3 females in the Rx'd division, as well as the top female from the Scaled division.

Rx'd Males:

  1. Elliot E.
  2. Joshua K.
  3. Carlos I.
  4. Layke F.
  5. Jason W.
  6. Nathan F.
  7. Anthony B.
  8. Russ L.
  9. Elliot S.
  10. Michael S.
  11. Gabe K.

Rx'd Females:

  1. Taylor M.
  2. Cat C./Amanda H.
  3. Michelle H.
  4. Allison W.
  5. Carrey B.
  6. Lindsay S.
  7. Nicole A.
  8. Marianna M.
  9. Shannon
  10. Evelyn
  11. Laurie G.

Scaled Females:

  1. Shelley S.
  2. Katrina T.
  3. Ashley B.
  4. George

All of the competitors did an outstanding job throughout the entire night. But, as is the case with any competition, the FNS would not have even happened if it weren't for the judges and volunteers. 

These ladies and gents spent the entire time counting reps and maintaining a high standard of movement, as well as making big changes to the layout of the workout floor for each of the 3 workouts. Again, without these individuals the night would have gone completely different and no one would have had the quality experience they did. So a big Thank You goes out to those that made the evening possible!

In closing, I would just like to say that you can stay up to date with the events that Travis County Strength has going on at any given time by checking the EVENTS tab on the website. This is where we will post future Friday Night SWOD's and much more! You can also stay in touch with TCS goings on right here on the blog! 

Until next time!

Friday Night SWOD - The Workouts

I'm sure the competitors have been eagerly awaiting this post, so I won't waste any unnecessary time getting to the details of tonight's event. However, I do need to remind y'all of the evening's timeline that can be found HERE. Please be sure to plan on shittier-than-normal traffic due to ACL.

Keep in mind that the information we have released covers the basics. You will need to be here on time to get the full briefing of all 3 workouts and their details. Don't miss this!

Lastly, if after seeing these 3 workouts you absolutely know which division (Rx'd or Scaled) you will compete in, contact Jen as soon as possible with this information.


WORKOUT 1 - "Draggin' Ass" (6min Cap)

3x AFAP: 

  • Weighted Tire Drag
  • Bear Crawl (Forward)
  • 2R/2L Stone Shoulders
  • Bear Crawl (Reverse)
  • Rx'd Male: 
    • Tire Drag -- Rd. 1 @ 90 | Rd. 2 @ 100 | Rd. 3 @ 110
    • Stone @ 115 
  • Scaled Male: 
    • Tire Drag -- Rd. 1 @ 70 | Rd. 2 @ 80 | Rd. 3 @ 90
    • Stone @ 95
  • Rx'd Female: 
    • Tire Drag -- Rd. 1 @ 70 | Rd. 2 @ 80 | Rd. 3 @ 90
    • Stone @ 75
  • Scaled Female:
    • Tire Drag -- Rd. 1 @ 45 | Rd. 2 @ 55 | Rd. 3 @ 65
    • Stone @ 45

WORKOUT 2 - "Load'n'Go" (7.5min Cap)

  • 6min to Find: 
    • 2-Rep Max Front Squat


  • 90sec AMRAP:
    • Sandbag Shoulder-to-StepUp
  • Rx'd Male:
    • Sandbag @ 90
    • Box @ 20"
  • Scaled Male:
    • Sandbag @ 60
    • Box @ 20"
  • Rx'd Female:
    • Sandbag @ 60
    • Box @ 16"
  • Scaled Female:
    • Sandbag @ 50
    • Box @ 16"

WORKOUT 3 - "The To-Do List"       (6min Cap)


  • 30 Single-Arm Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overhead (15R/15L)
  • 20 Burpees
  • 10 Sandbag Getups (5R/5L)
  • Rx'd Male:
    • Sandbag @ 90
    • DB @ 75
  • Scaled Male:
    • Sandbag @ 60
    • DB @ 55
  • Rx'd Female:
    • Sandbag @ 60
    • DB @ 45
  • Scaled Female:
    • Sandbag @ 50
    • DB @ 30

Friday Night SWOD -- INFO#1

It's almost that time! We are now just a couple of days out from the Friday Night SWOD and I'm sure you are wondering about the details of the evening, right?

Here we go. This is a quick run-down of what you need to be aware of:

  • NOON on Friday -- Workouts Released
    • The 3 workouts you will take on will be posted right here on this blog. Be sure to check them out and familiarize yourself with them. Attention to detail!
  • 5:00 - 5:45pm -- Athlete Check In
    • It's important to know that Friday is the first night of ACL....Traffic will suck! Make sure to plan accordingly so that you arrive on time and don't hold us up. Don't be THAT person!
  • 5:30 - 5:50pm -- Judges Meeting
    • If you are judging this event, you must be at TCS no later than 5:30 so that you know what's going on and what will be expected of you. 
  • 5:50pm -- Introduction and Workouts Briefing 
  • 1st Heat will start no later than 6:15pm

One final note:

Remember that the 1st place male and female will both be walking out with a hefty amount of CA$H money! We will also be stuffing the winners' gym bags with cool (and useful)  prizes that have been donated to us by some of Austin's best small businesses - all of which have a footprint in the fitness community at large. Needless to say, it pays to be a winner....specially at the Friday Night SWOD!

After reading this, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to CONTACT US!




Friday Night SWOD -- One Month Out!

Are you ready?

It's that time again. It's time for you to start contemplating what kind of "Fast'n'Nasty" workouts you'll have to take on in one month.

You know it's not going to be be easy, but that's what you like about it. You want to test yourself on a proving ground that is truly unique. One that is based on the idea that just because something is simple in design....does NOT make it easy.

Here's what I can tell you right now:

1. You will perform potent movements in time domains that force powerful responses. (read: "Fast'n'Nasty")
2. Your muscles will ache and burn.
3. Your lungs will struggle to keep up.
4. You will battle that voice in your head.
5. And all the'll have FUN.

Oct. 3rd
Male Registration Here
Female Registration Here
Capped at 15 men, 15 women
Rx'd and Scaled Divisions 


Lead From The Front

If you've been with us for a while, you've undoubtedly seen or heard the phrase, "Lead From The Front".  This is a phrase that was first introduced to me by one of my mentors, Zach Even Esh.  He used it in several contexts, but it ended up being far more than just a phrase to me.  I adopted it as a mantra and applied it as a way of life.

I'm not going to sit here and spell it out for you.  It's such a simple and perfect idea that it deserves to be left untouched...un-f*cked with.  It would also be silly for me to inadvertently  influence your understanding of "Lead From The Front" with mine.

All you really need to understand is that this is part of what makes TCS such an awesome place to be a part of.  The people busting their ass on the floor day in, and day out, apply this idea - whether they know it or not.

In fact, the inspiration for this post was not some amazing act of athleticism or human performance, but something vastly more important and profound.  The inspiration for all of this is an image that was caught during the Women's Only Friday Night SWOD.  

Take a second to really look at this picture.  This is what "Lead From The Front" is all about.

A strong, powerful woman providing an amazing example for her daughter. LEAD FROM THE FRONT.

A strong, powerful woman providing an amazing example for her daughter. LEAD FROM THE FRONT.



Before we release the workouts for tonight's Women's Only Friday Night SWOD, let's hit a couple details:

Be sure that you show up EARLY.  I'm fairly confident in saying that showing up late and flustered will NOT help you perform better. Science.

Athletes are 100% for bringing any and all equipment and accessory shit.  We will have chalk.

Given the nature of the workouts you are about to see, you may or may not feel super confident performing some of the tasks.....That's OK, we will be running a brief "skill session" for anyone that may need some tips and tricks. 


3 Minute AMRAP:

  • Log Clean & Press @ Empty/65lbs

**Scaled Athletes will perform the following:

3 Minute AMRAP:

  • 3 Log Clean @ Empty/65lbs
  • 3 Right-Arm KB Shoulder-to-Overhead @ 16kg
  • 3 Left-Arm KB Shoulder-to-OVerhead @ 16kg

SWOD#2 @ AFAP -- 6min CAP:

  • Keg Shoulder
  • Goblet Squat

**Rx = 60lb Keg/24kg KB
**Scaled = 50lb Keg/20kg KB


8 Minutes to Establish:

  • 2-Rep Max Deadlift

**Lifts will be performed using a 45lb (Men's) Barbell

Women's Only Friday Night SWOD

The time is near.  Women from all over central Texas are coming to Travis County Strength to throw down at the 1st Women's Only Friday Night SWOD.  

During the registration process of our last FNSwod, it was very apparent that the women were on the edge of their seats waiting to sign up.  In fact, the women's registration sold out in 6 hours!  If that's not evidence enough that the women in this region want some fun, creative, challenging strength workouts thrown at them.....I don't know what is.

So....that's exactly what LIFT Coach, Jen Shaw is giving them.  This time, it's all about the chicas!  That being said, we would love to have anyone and everyone come spectate and motivate these badass chicks through the fast'n'nasty workouts that they'll tackle.


  • Athlete Check-in Starts at 5:15pm
    • You MUST be at TCS no later than 5:30pm
  • Judges and Volunteers arrive no later than 5:30pm
  • SWOD and Standards Briefing starts at 5:45pm
  • Athletes are responsible for bringing any and all equipment(water bottle included). 
    • We will provide chalk.  You're welcome ; )


Friday Night SWOD - Results

It's taken us a while to come back down off of the high that we had after this most recent Friday Night SWOD, but now that we're here, we wanted to share the results.

Before we do that, though, I wanted to extend a massive THANK YOU to all of the athletes, volunteers, judges and spectators that showed up and created an incredible environment for the event.  It goes without saying, but without all of the support - shown in all capacities - the event would not have been the success that it was.  So, again....Thank You!

For anyone that didn't get to make it out to see what this whole Friday Night SWOD thing is all about -- you're in luck!  We will undoubtedly be doing another FNS in the coming months.  This time we will have some new toys to play with, so it should be very interesting. 

Also, if you missed us last Friday, we had one of our very own LIFT ladies, Maggie G., do a brief report on her experience that you will find extremely entertaining should you take the time to read it - which we highly recommend.  It's hilarious! GAME FACE

Ok.  Enough jibber-jabber.  The results.


Rx'd Female:

  1. Allison
  2. Taylor
  3. Iris/Meghan
  4. Franki
  5. Dani
  6. Stacey/Jenny
  7. Genny/Maria
  8. Nichole

Rx'd Male:

  1. Brian
  2. Mike L
  3. Joey
  4. Josh
  5. Wyatt
  6. Stephen
  7. Elliot
  8. Jordan
  9. Nathan
  10. James
  11. Chris
  12. Dominic
  13. Billy

Scaled Female:

  1. Iona
  2. Jen
  3. Savannah
  4. Erin
  5. Norah
  6. Maggie
  7. Suzanne

Scaled Male:

  1. Jeff H.
  2. Orlando

T-minus 6 hours...

Tonight's the night!!!  It's going to an action-packed, fast-moving, work-doin' kinda night.....and you're all invited!

We had a huge response with registration and have oversold the event by 5 spots!  15 men and 20 women - some familiar faces, as well as many new ones - will throw down tonight.  It's going to be a blast!

Now, this is the really important stuff to pay attention tune in and READ IT ALL(schedule at bottom)!


SWOD#1 - "Grip'n'Rip"

6min AMRAP:

  • 1 set of the BB Complex:
    • 5 Deadlift
    • 3 Front Squat
    • 1 Shoulder-to-Overhead
  • 2 (4,6,8,10,12...) Single-Arm KB Ground-to-Overhead

**Athletes will start each new round with the BB Complex, then move to the KB work where each round increases reps by 2.

Male Rx'd: 155 BB/75 KB
Female Rx'd: 110 BB/55 KB
Male Scaled: 135 BB/55 KB
Female Scaled: 85 BB/35 KB


SWOD#2 - "Rock Solid"

  • 1min 45sec AMRAP:
    • Burpee Box Jumps
  • 15sec Transition to Rack and BB

  • Max Effort BB Hold(5min cap)

**Athletes MUST have the BB un-racked and loaded across their back by the end of the 15sec transition.  Once there, athletes will hold this loaded, standing position for as long as possible.  For the effort to count, athletes MUST re-rack the BB safely on the squat rack.  DROPPING = DQ

Male Rx'd: 24" Box/2x Bodyweight
Female Rx'd: 20" Box/1.75x Bodyweight
Male Scaled: 20" Box/1.75x Bodyweight
Female Scaled: 16" Box/ 1.5x Bodyweight


SWOD#3 - "Get Up and GO!"

5min cap to accomplish:

  • 5 Sandbag Getups
    • Shuttle Sprint
  • 4 Sandbag Getups
    • Shuttle Sprint
  • 3 Sandbag Getups
    • Shuttle Sprint
  • 2 Sandbag Getups
    • Shuttle Sprint
  • 1 Sandbag Getup
    • Shuttle Sprint

**Every GetUp rep must start on the ground AND finish on the ground for it to count.  Athletes will be required to touch each line of the shuttle sprint with his/her hand.

Male Rx'd: 80# SB
Female Rx'd: 50# SB
Male Scaled: 50# SB
Female Scaled:
Turkish Getup with Athlete's Choice


**Don't be THAT person that holds it up.**

  • 515pm - Judges and Volunteers Arrive
  • 530pm- Judge's Meeting
  • 530pm - Athlete Registration CLOSES
    • Athletes will be required to select their division at the time of check-in.
  • 545pm - Welcome & SWOD Lecture/Demo
  • 600pm - 1st Heat Kicks off!!!
  • Have a blast 'til it's done!  See ya soon!


Friday Night SWOD - SIGNUP!

Alright!  The time has come!

We are throwing down another Friday Night SWOD (the TCS Edition) Friday, the 10th of January.

The underground strength/strongman-inspired competition is open to all, but is only taking 15 men and 15 women so you'll need to act FAST if you wanna play.

Athletes will have the option to compete as an "Rx'd Athlete" or a "Scaled Athlete".  This is simply a matter of loading, NOT skill.  It's important that you understand - Everyone can play!  It should also be noted that only "Rx'd" athletes will be in the running for the CA$H prize for 1st place male and female.

The night will be comprised of 3 Fast'N'Nasty workouts that will bias towards strength and the ability to handle odd objects and tasks.  To put it simply: This will be about WORK.  But, it will be fun...

Lastly, all spectators are welcome!

Here are your SIGNUP links:




Friday Night SWOD - The TCS Edition

The mat drag. FNSwod - NBCF Edition.

The mat drag. FNSwod - NBCF Edition.

This is an official "Save the Date" for the next FRIDAY NIGHT SWOD - The Travis County Strength Edition.

  • WHEN: 6:00pm Friday, January 10th
  • WHERE: Travis County Strength
  • WHO: Open to anyone(Scaled/Rx'd options)
  • PRICE: $25(Portion of each athlete's entry fee goes towards ca$H prize)
  • WHAT: 3 fast'n'nasty workouts with a bias towards strength and moving heavy sh*t.  Simple....NOT easy.

More information will be available soon.  Until then, ready yourself for a night packed full of badass workouts and a great community.